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A bold approach to improve the quality of life in Texas.

Texas continues to be a hub of opportunity and growth, attracting people and businesses from all over the world. In fact, we can expect the Texas population to grow 40% and up to approximately 41 million people by 2036 (Texas 2036).

Through the Lone Star Prize, Lyda Hill Philanthropies is excited and ready to collaborate with innovative organizations to strategically address important issues facing Texas communities today, and set solutions in motion to get ahead of any “growing pains” and challenges that will impact generations to come.

The Lone Star Prize will source and fund a proven, scalable, innovative solution that improves the quality of life for Texans in the long-term through one or more of the following key solution categories:

Improving health outcomes

The Lone Star Prize will elevate solutions that activate healthy communities, strengthen health systems and/or support healthy families to improve health outcomes for Texans.

Let’s work together to address a wide-range of health concerns including, but not limited to: supporting the 4.7 million uninsured residents here in Texas – the highest rate of uninsured people in the country (2018 US Census); providing healthy food options for the estimated 14% of Texans who are food insecure (United Health Foundation) and the one out of three Texans who are overweight or obese (Texas 2036); securing wraparound services for the more than 16% of adults in Texas suffering from mental illness (Mental Health America); ensuring we have trained medical providers to meet the increasing demand; increasing access to evidence-based health promotion and disease prevention programs, and more.

Protecting the environment

The Lone Star Prize will advance solutions that restore natural resources, protect green spaces, and/or promote energy efficiency to conserve our environment and mitigate the growing impact of climate change.

Together we can build a more sustainable future for Texans in many ways including, but not limited to: increasing energy efficiency and reducing carbon emissions; addressing areas where 72% of Texans live at elevated risk of wildfires (States at Risk); improving water bodies in Texas that do not meet quality standards; advancing sustainable mobility solutions to improve air quality, and more.

Boosting the Workforce

The Lone Star Prize will enhance solutions that boost the employability of workers and/or build more promising career pathways to spur the creation of sustainable, quality jobs and strengthen the workforce in Texas.

Let's create meaningful change to support our economy including, but not limited to: redeploying workers affected by COVID-19; establishing a sustainable living wage for more Texans; supporting secondary education programs to increase college graduation rates and strengthen the college-to-career pipeline; upskilling our current workforce so that by 2036, Texas can meet the demand for an estimated 5-8 million new jobs—65% of which will require a certificate or 2- or 4-year degree (currently only 23% of students meet this educational requirement) (Texas 2036); offering affordable, high-quality career development and training, and more. 

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.-Margaret Mead

All proposals must be led by an eligible principal organization that has an existing operating presence in Texas. A strong solution will be:  

  1. Transformative: A bold, game-changing approach that will produce powerful results and lasting impact on Texas and beyond.
  2. Scalable: Exceptional vision to scale efficiently and address the ever-changing and growing needs of Texas.
  3. Feasible: A team of seasoned experts who have deep roots in the Texas community and a compelling plan to overcome challenges and deliver results.
  4. Evidence-based: Robust data and meaningful understanding of Texas communities to ensure that the solution will succeed.


Advance together df

Promotes economic inclusion and will provide strategic counsel to Lone Star Prize, especially in the area of workforce.


Supports innovative, high-impact ideas and will source organizations from Lone Star Prize that meet its investment criteria to grow its portfolio.

Lever for change

A John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation affiliate that manages Lone Star Prize and will feature top proposals in their Bold Solutions Network.

Texas 2036

Equips Texas communities with tools developed from its long-term, data-driven strategies to secure prosperity through Texas’ bicentennial and beyond.

The texas tribune

Serves as media partner to raise awareness for opportunities available through Lone Star Prize and to advance our shared goal of advocating for a better Texas — for all Texans.

Lyda Hill Philanthropies®, founded by entrepreneur and philanthropist Lyda Hill, is proud to be the Competition Sponsor of the Lone Star Prize to creatively invest in game-changing solutions and further our commitment to improve the quality of life for Texas communities.

The Lone Star Prize will award a promising solution to transform Texas. Submissions have closed.

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Lyda Hill Philanthropies®, founded by entrepreneur and philanthropist Lyda Hill, is proud to be the Competition Sponsor of the Lone Star Prize to creatively invest in game-changing solutions and further our commitment to improve the quality of life for Texas communities.